Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual.


Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual

labourinfo hr manual


This document is one of the most important resource any Manager or HR Practitioner should have by their side. It covers some of the following


  • Employment Policies and Procedures
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Human Resource Admin
  • Discipline and Dismissal
  • Grievance Procedures
  1. Content form
    1. Introduction
    2. Policy request form
    3. Employee Handbook
    4. Human Resources Audit
    5. Disclaimer
    6. Business Policy
  2. Employment Policies and Procedures
    1. Application employment
    2. Interview guidelines
    3. Applicant interview
    4. Applicant Standard Letters
    5. Employee Consent Form
    6. Background checklist
    7. Driver’s license checklist
    8. Consent to drug test
    9. Tracking Applicants
    10. Personal Reference Check
    11. Reference Check Control Sheet
    12. Employee Orientation Checklist
    13. Independent Contractor Checklist
    14. Contract of Employment (Permanent)
    15. Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Time
    16. Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Purpose
    17. Contract of Employment Domestic Employee
    18. Job descriptions
    19. Exit Interview
    20. Letter of Resignation
    21. Payroll Deduction Form
    22. Performance Management
    23. Recruitment Policy (Short Version)
      1. Preferential employment
      2. Procedures for the filling of vacancies internally
    24. Recruitment Authorisation Form
    25. Recruitment Policy (Long)
    26. Certificate of Service
    27. Internal Vacancy Application Form
    28. Employee Personal Details Form
    29. Declaration of THE COMPANY as sole employer
  1. Terms and Conditions of Employment
    1. Email and Electronic Communications Policy
    2. Leave Application Form
    3. Annual Leave Policy
    4. Public Holidays Policy
    5. Unpaid Leave
    6. Family Responsibility and Compassionate Leave
    7. Paternity Leave
    8. Maternity Leave
    9. Sick Leave Policy
    10. Overtime Policy and Exemptions
    11. Smoking Policy
    12. Sample Emergency Instructions (Fire Hazard)
    13. Sexual Harassment Policy
    14. Study Leave Policy
    15. Aids Policy
    16. Employee Consent to Work on Public Holidays, Night Shift, Sundays and Overtime (and Renewal Consent form)
    17. Employee Educational Assistance Policy
    18. Employee Assistance Policy
    19. Employee Laptop Policy
    1. Human Resource admin
      1. Record-Keeping
      2. Pro Forma Travel Policy
      3. Flexi-Time Policy
      4. Bursary Agreement
      5. Restraint of Trade
      6. Secrecy and Confidentiality Undertaking
      7. Relocation Assistance Policy
      8. Company Sponsored Events Policy
      9. Conflict of Interest Policy
      10. Termination Checklist
      11. Locker Policy
      12. Loan Policy
      13. Long Service Policy
      14. Telephone Usage Policy
      15. Employee Study Assistance Policy
  1. Discipline and Dismissal
    1. Discussion Summary Sheets for Performance and Conduct
    2. Fair Decision Guides for Poor Work Performance or Misconduct Hearings
    3. Disciplinary Code of Conduct
    4. Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
    5. Disciplinary Forms
    6. Telegrammes for Absenteeism
    7. Procedures for Employee Incapacity
    8. Disciplinary Procedures for Small Businesses
    1. Grievance Procedures
      1. Grievance Policy and Procedure
      2. Grievance Forms

what our clients say

I have  previously worked with  and  have  known Henk  Horn at Labourinfo  since 2011.  The professional advice and guidance received,  specifically to labour related  matters  has assisted  me  in  my  current  position as HR Director, to make informed  business decisions in the best  interests of our Company  and our employees,  alongside my co-Directors. 

Thank you  Henk  Horn.  Wishing  you and your Company  continued  success and growth.   

Bhavna Kalyan ( HR Director – Groenewald Lubbe Inc. )

Having contracted with Labourinfo boosted our management team forward, their skills have become our skills.

Pieter Potgieter ( Managing Director – Fedserv )

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