The right to claim costs at the labour court

I was recently asked to assist in a matter to oppose costs in the Labour Court. Although the merits of that matter are of less importance here, I thought it may be interesting to quickly touch on the aspect of what it means to claim costs at the Labour Court?

In the first place, the Labour Court is a Court of Equity and Law and not of Law alone as the High Court, although it has similar status. Judges make law in the Labour Court and create precedents that must be followed. The Labour Court’s jurisdiction is nationwide.

However, distinct from High Court matters, at the Labour Court costs does not automatically follow the cause which means the losing party is not unless ordered to fit the bill of the opposing party, but costs are never-the-less, granted in cases where e.g. frivolous actions were brought and there were no clear right in the first place and we view it hereunder:
Here are some basic principles that have be considered by parties, as developed through case law:

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